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PROJECTS 2017-18

Download Final year ieee projects in various domains.


Android Projects

Android is an open source operating system and hence there is huge developer base that is working on new applications (apps) that can leverage this exiting OS in the best possible ways. Internship offered by SA Techno Solutions on Android Projects in Chennai to complete your final year projects would definitely bring glorious and bright careers to the students.

  • ANDROID - Parallel and Distributed Systems
  • ANDROID - Mobile Computing
  • ANDROID - Cloud Computing
  • ANDROID - Network Security
  • Another very important reason for the android OS to be a great choice for final year projects is perhaps not because of the OS itself, but because of the capabilities of the devices that the OS runs on.

    As Android is an interesting and future technology, Researches revealed that Android dominates the global smart phone market by holding nearly 53% of market share. More than 66% of tablets are based on Android operating system. The mobile phones that are available are much more than just communication devices, they have capabilities for interacting with humans in very unique ways

    The vital reason behind its superiority is its flexible and wide range of application support. Experts are expressing no doubt on Android being the future technology of the world. We collect some best topics like android multimedia projects, android sensor projects, android wireless projects. Android projects can be write the java program and dotnet program. We mainly focus to java program to build the android projects.

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