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PROJECTS 2017-18

Download Final year ieee projects in various domains.


NS2 Project

Network Simulator Version 2, additionally called NS-2. NS-2 is a happening driven packet level network simulator developed as part of the VINT project (Virtual Internet Test bed). Numerous state-of-the-art simulation tools are obtainable for network research. Among the on the market simulators, NS-2 is the widely used and highly recognized open source network simulator. The simulation behavior of NS-2 is highly trusted within the research community. It is a dependable and realistic discrete event based simulator tool and proves to be more practicable.

  • NS2
  • NS2 - Manet
  • NS2 - WSN (Routing)
  • NS2 - WSN (Security)
  • NS2 - Vanet (Routing)
  • NS2 - Wireless Communication
  • NS2 - Vanet (Security)
  • To combine different graphs in network, we deploy complex network in Ns2. It connects the network entities and link in vertices and edges. Different network such as social network, biological network and technological networks are mixed to form a complex network

    WE offer more number of IEEE NS2 Projects for final year background of ECE, CES, and Information Technology studentís different domain such as computer, distributed network, parallel network, mobile computing, data communication and network are implemented by us in NS2 projects. By using an NS2 simulation we can easily do the process such as creating node, Transformation of packet, establishing link, queue management and scheduling of packets.

    It is primarily designed based on OSI model to support wired networks. CMU wireless extension of NS2 extensively supports wireless network.

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